Boost Your Chances of Getting a 4 or 5 In the Exam

1. Barron's AP Biology

2. Cracking the AP Biology Exam

Top 3 AP Biology Prep Books

3. Preparing for the Biology AP* Exam

- Easy to understand

- Covers all the bases in an AP Bio exam review

- Highlights important points and topics




7. Barron's AP Biology Flash Cards

Crafted to reflect the updates made on the AP Bio exam, it contains 450 cards that take on 20 categories.

6. 5 Steps to a 5: AP Biology 2020

This book will help you create a 5-step plan, starting with a solid and effective study plan that will meet your needs.

5. CliffsNotes Ap Biology, 5th Edition

One of the best things about this book is that it’s very affordable and contains everything you need to get ready for the exam.

4. AP Biology Prep Plus 2020 & 2021

This book can also help build your confidence and train the right test-taking skills as its contents are aligned with the updated structure of the AP Bio exam.

3. Preparing for the Biology AP* Exam

This book is highly praised and recommended for making the subject a lot more engaging and easier to digest.

2. Cracking the AP Biology Exam, 2020 Edition

It contains a lot of information about the concepts that you need to learn for the exam and updated information about the exam itself.

1. Barron's AP Biology

Some people describe this book as the perfect material to read if you need some brushing up on the things you should have already learned in your AP Bio classes.