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We've all been there. With the next big test over the horizon, you push off studying to the last minute. In a panic, you cram all day or night rushing to prepare yourself. Yet when you look at the test the next day, you realize it might as well have been written in a foreign tongue. We know what you're going through and will provide the tools and info you need to overcome any educational hurdles you face.

 Our goal is to not only to help you study better, learn faster, and score higher but also to help create a path to success through self-improvement and time management. We will help you break those bad habits and celebrate your wins alongside you. When you have the right guidance, you will be able to reach your educational goals that much quicker.

 By following our site, you're going to figure out which study methods work best for you, the best ways to learn more while studying less, and other practices that have been proven successful by other students around the nation. If you want to improve your academic performance, you came to the right place.

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Our Team

Hello guys, Leonard Haggin here. I still remember when Study Prep Lounge was an idea in the back of my head. As I was studying for my exams and preparing for college, I knew a site was needed to help students prepare for the common academic trials we all face. This need grew stronger when I studied electrical engineering at Berkeley and saw my fellow classmates struggle with the exact problems and issues I have. So I created this site to help students like you learn from the experiences my team had learned during our extensive academic careers.

Even though I am now studying Law at Stanford, I make sure to spend some time tutoring other students through the exact same academic trials that you are facing now. I know I can't always be there and so I hope this site will arm you with the knowledge you need to overcome whatever trial or test you find in front of you

Though I'm busy with school and tutoring, you can still reach me at Leonard.Haggin@studypreplounge.com. I will get back to you eventually. Best of luck!