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How to Study for the ACT | Prep Guide, Test Tips and Strategies For Passing the Exam

Preparing for a big test is one of the most stressful things that students go through. And with the weight of the ACT, it’s not surprising that it comes with a lot more pressure. However, by learning how to study for the ACT effectively, you can gain more confidence with your knowledge and test-taking skills. […]

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Difference Between ACT and SAT | Guide to Test Formats, Subjects and Questions

High school students in the US, like in many parts of the world, are tested on their knowledge and college readiness using standardized exams. However, unlike in other countries, you have options in fulfilling the college admissions requirements for such. You can either take the SAT or the ACT, depending on various factors. It can […]

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When Do You Take the SAT? | Choosing the Right Grade and Test Date Matter

Deciding when do you take the SAT is one of the first things that you have to do when you start considering your college options. As this exam plays a significant role in universities’ and colleges’ admission process, you definitely can’t just take the test without proper planning. This decision will have a huge impact […]

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Barron’s AP Biology vs Cliffs AP Biology | Which Book to Get for the Highest Exam Score?

Being some of the most popular publishers for reference books, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a lot of people end up torn between the Barron’s AP Biology vs. Cliffs AP Biology debate. These two are possibly some of the most highly recommended review books for the course, making it harder for new students […]

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