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How Long Is the SAT | How to Manage Your Test Time Effectively

Every year, millions of high school seniors flock to testing centers across the country to sit for one of the most notorious standardized tests in history: the SAT exam.While the importance of the SAT exam in college admissions processes has begun to wane in recent years, the infamous exam will likely still be a significant—if not […]

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How Difficult is the GRE? | Comparison to Other Standardized Tests

Tests, evaluations, assessments, and examinations often come with a certain level of difficulty. The more advanced they are, the harder you can assume they will be. This is why it makes perfect sense that a lot of people ask the question, ‘how difficult is the GRE?’ before they even plan to schedule their test appointment.With […]

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What is On the GRE? | Get to Know Analytical Writing, Quantitative, and Verbal Reasoning Sections

With the numbers showing that there’s a steady growth in the rates of grad school applicants and enrollees, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that more and more people are getting curious about what is on the GRE. Graduate Record Examination, or GRE, is the most common testing material graduate schools use in their admission programs. […]

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