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This complete guide will provide details about the best English tutors online. These tutors will prepare you for any language test you may have. They will also build your confidence in speaking the English language. Your goal is to probably get to the point where you can speak English confidently on your own without the help of others. Or maybe you just want to brush up on your English comprehension, grammar, and language skills because you have a big exam. These are great goals; learning a new language could open loads of unique opportunities for you. If you are looking for a top-notch private English tutor, fear not. In this article, you will find out how you can access the best English tutors, their services, and their prices.

Let's Talk About Learner


No doubt in mind, the number one pick for best online math tutoring services is Learner. They care about students and educational professionals. Learner created a platform that inspires students to keep going and changes how people think about education.

If you are at the top of your class or struggling to keep up in one of your subjects, Learner has you covered. The tutors are available online, and all go through a screening process; if you're looking for help with math, Learner has your back!

The learner was founded by educators, and they believe that positive outcomes in education are achieved if you combine mastery with passion.

Pros About Learner

  • Super Convenient online tutoring options
  • 5-day free trial
  • Affordable
  • Easy to find a tutor
  • You don't need a credit card to sign up

Cons About Learner

  • Only math tutoring 
  • There are really no cons check them out for yourself

What Is An English Tutor

What is an English Tutor

A English tutor is usually an educational professional that works with students privately or in small groups to support the learning they are doing in class with their teachers. English tutors can sometimes be a student's main instructor for English if they aren’t taking English anywhere else. English tutors are a big help to those that speak other languages.

Tutors may be employed by an organization that matches the tutors with students. You can often find that English tutors have individual tutoring plans with students and families and do not work for an organization. Many tutors offer one on one classes or group classes. English tutors can choose to work abroad, and they also work with students in other countries using online tutoring services.

English tutors teach a variety of topics. It really depends on what you need help with. Being open with your tutor can sometimes be beneficial because the tutor can focus on the areas you are struggling with. It is super easy to find an online English tutor all you have to do is a quick google search, and you will find so many options available to you. 

What Does An Online English Tutor Do?

An English tutor usually provides extra support to students of all ages to help them learn English. English tutors work with students in many ways. Some students choose to find a tutor that offers online tutoring services. This can be a very convenient option for parents and students with busy schedules.

 Many tutors offer self-paced learning materials that the students can use on their own time. Many English tutors offer individualized learning content tailored to help each student's needs. Usually, English tutors will find a way to develop their lesson plans around the work the students are receiving in their classrooms at school.

Skills That Experienced English Tutors Should Have

Successful English tutors should have skills to support you with learning the English language. They interact with students and access their growth in the subject. Tutors also help students build confidence in delivering English content independently, and students also learn to engage their listeners with the new English comprehension skills they learned from their tutor. Here are some skills to look for when it comes to finding the perfect English tutor.

  • Communication Skills -English tutors should be able to communicate with their students even if they are learning English for the first time
  • Proficient in English - English tutors should be proficient English speakers. Although English does not need to be their native language they need to be able to teach it to people who are learning for the first time.
  • Organized - English tutors should be organized and have a structured lesson plan available for students.
  • Active Listening - It is important for the English tutor to have active listening skills to listen to the student while they are learning and enhance the areas that need to be worked on.
  • Lesson Planning - It is important for English teachers to have a lesson plan to see your progress as they continue through the tutoring process.
  • Patience - English tutors must be patient with their students and assist them in any areas they lack confidence in.
  • Flexibility - Online English Tutors are very flexible and will usually build lessons that won't conflict with your schedule or routine instead an English tutor will provide you with materials that compliment your schedule.

8 Benefits of Learning English

In today's world there any many reasons to learn a new language. There are so many benefits that come with learning a new language. Especially a new language like English. There are currently around 1.5 billion English Speakers around the world. This represents a fifth of the world's total population. Business English is spoken in some of the most economically influential countries in the world. It has become one of the main languages of international communication, international law, medicine, science, and technology. As you can see learning English can be very important.

Here are some benefits of learning English

  • It Improves employment opportunities - Proficiency in English is a highly sought-after skill in the international workspace. People who speak English can sometimes receive higher salaries than those who cannot.
  • You can explore areas of the world that speak English confidently - You can explore countries where English is the main language like the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Shockingly there are tons of other countries in the Eastern part of the world that also list English as an official language. Places like Malaysia, Singapore, Fiji, Kenya, Hong Kong, India, Mauritius, and the Phillippines. Learning English can open up an entirely new world of communication for you!
  • You can access world-renowned educational institutions - Many of the world's best universities are in the USA or the UK and have native English speakers, so learning English could help you navigate campus life easier.
  • You will increase your brain power or cognitive ability - Learning a second language or brushing up on language skills has been proven to be the best way to keep your brain challenged and active.  Studies have shown that the brain becomes active when learning a new language. No matter what age you are, language learning can be so fun. It is also a cool language to pair with your native language.
  • Improves your communication skills - When you perfect your English speaking skills you learn new ways to think and express yourself. 
  • Start A New Life in An English Speaking Country -You will have new opportunities to make friends from an English-speaking country. You may even be interested in moving to an English-speaking country for employment.
  • Opens Up A New World of Entertainment and Pop Culture - Many of the world's most iconic films and television shows have been produced in English. Also, the famous texts of literature are originally in the English language. Getting an English tutor can help you comprehend some of the difficult old English poetry.
  • Improves Your Confidence - Speaking English will build your self-confidence and help you work and travel in different parts of the world.

What Are The Benefits of  Having An Online English Tutor

What Are The Benefits of  Having An Online English Tutor

Most parents find that one of the best benefits of having an online English tutor is its convenience. Online tutoring is very accessible for parents and offers self-paced lessons to students in need of extra support. Many students have difficulty with English. English tutors teach students with different English speaking experience levels. Tutors help students analyze and comprehend poems. They also build essay writing skills and reading skills. 

The Bottom Line: Students are generally more receptive to Online English tutors. Studies have shown that tutoring children online is far easier for both the student and instructor. Children nowadays have grown up in the digital age and are used to interacting with the internet, mobile phones, and video games. Online tutoring may offer new-age kids more comfort. 

It's also way easier to keep students engaged online. Many online English tutors find lessons to keep the students engaged so that they can stray away from distractions. Online tutoring provides students with great online tools and aids them in the learning process. 

Additionally, working with an online English tutor gives you a large selection of tutors since you aren’t limited by geography. Going online allows you to find the best tutor possible for your needs as a student. The convenience of online tutoring is especially helpful for children with special needs who require a more experienced or qualified tutor. When you search online, you can filter your options based on certifications or competencies you would like your tutor to have.

If you are worried that your child will be disadvantaged by online tutoring, do not worry. There are so many tutoring services and tools available to keep your student focused while tutoring. If you have an Excellent tutor, they will have many unique ways to keep your child's attention.

Having an interactive online learning platform can be fun for students and give parents the confidence that their child is enjoying their tutoring lessons. If you want the top tutor to be sure to be flexible when it comes to their schedule. They may be very busy and only have the ability on certain days. Make a plan with your child's tutors to determine what tutoring schedule works best for you.

Learning English As A Second Language

Learning a new language can be challenging. It does not matter what language it is, it takes patience and confidence to make the decision to learn a new language. Many English tutors have experience with many different students, and they all have different English-speaking experiences. Do not be afraid if you struggle with English because it is new to you. If you have the right tutor, they will help dissolve your fears by helping you face the challenges of learning a new language.

What Will You Learn During Online English Tutoring Lessons

Most tutors will sit down and speak with you about the areas in English you are struggling with. If you are completely new to speaking English, many teachers may start with the basics. Usually, the basics are learning the alphabet and numbers. Tutors will also teach you how to pronounce English words correctly. If you have any words that are difficult for you to pronounce. Let your English tutor know this so that they can help you.

Your tutor may also teach you grammar, and you will learn about nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. Learning these lessons should complement what you are already learning at school. If you are learning English for the first time, these lessons will give you the confidence to read and comprehend what you are reading. There are so many lessons you could learn from your tutor. It is mostly based on your current experience.

Here's A List of Lessons You May Learn During Online Tutoring

  • Practice Common Phrases
  • Basic Sentence Construction
  • You May Be Required to Only Speak English In the Classroom
  • You will have comprehension lessons
  • Learn to write
  • Learn to Read
  • You May Play Games Like Jeopardy if you are in group classes
  • You May Learn About The Map Using the English Language

How To Find The Best Online English Tutor

Almost 25% of students struggle with speaking English. There's a good chance that you are one of the many students hoping to enhance their English speaking skills. If you are unsure about how to choose a tutor, do not worry. The internet makes it so easy and offers so many options. 

When it comes to finding an online tutor, you want to make sure the tutors are Qualified for English teaching. Some tutors are really experienced and have been tutoring students for years. These can be some of the best tutors.

When you are looking for a tutor, don't be afraid to ask your tutor any questions you may have before you commit to them. This will help you assess whether the tutor is right for you.

Four Of The Best Online English Tutoring Services

Prep Scholar English Tutoring

1. Prep Scholar English TutoringPrep Scholar Has amazing tutors and offers so many high-value tutoring services at an affordable price point. Prep scholar tutors are qualified to tutor students in many subjects. They break down difficult concepts for students to understand and make them easier to understand. That is really key when it comes to English. PepScholar also has learning materials that they integrate into the lessons with the students. You do most of your work online through an online learning platform. The tutor will check on you regularly to see if you are grasping the content and understanding the concepts. Prep Scholar tutors also give high school seniors homework based on the subjects they need help with. 

  • Prep Scholar Tutoring Bundles - You can choose between bundles that start at 4 hours of tutoring all the way to 54 hours of tutoring. The cost is about $23 an hour for tutoring.

Bottom Line:  Prep Scholar offers tons of affordable tutoring options. They also care about their students and want to see them succeed.

Princeton Review English Tutoring

2. Princeton Review English Tutoring - Second on the list is Princeton Review. Many online tutoring providers offer only online tutoring. Princeton Review is one of the few tutoring services that offer in-person and online tutoring.

Out of the tutoring providers that offer both online and in-person tutoring. Princeton Review comes out on top for English tutoring services. They offer self-paced tutoring materials. The tutors at Princeton Review are very patient and ensure students understand the problem before moving on to a new topic. They offer students the flexibility of choosing to have face-to-face tutoring sessions.

  • Princeton Review Prices - Their prices are a little on the pricey side starting somewhere between $150 to $180, an hour.

Bottom Line: Princeton review offers both in-person and online tutoring, and they also have some of the best-qualified tutors available. They also include learning materials with their tutoring services.

Varsity Tutors English Tutoring

3. Varsity Tutors English Tutoring - Varsity Tutors offer budget-friendly tutoring services. Price is a really important aspect when looking for a tutor, and they understand that. Tutors offer individual lessons which can make for a really unique experience. Varsity Tutors don't follow a particular teaching framework for their English teaching instruction. Instead, they work on subjects and areas the student is struggling with.

  • Varsity Tutors Price - The hourly rates are lower than most tutoring services. Varsity Tutors charge around $20 per hour all the way up to $175 per hour. You could find the perfect tutor for under $75 an hour.

Bottom Line: They are a budget-friendly tutoring service. The tutors create their own strategies and deliver unique techniques to help students pass their exams. They do a great job at connecting students with qualified English tutors.

Wyzant Tutoring Services

4. Wyzant Tutoring Services Wyzant offers online tutoring in over 300 subjects. They have over 65,000 qualified tutors available for students. Their tutors offer different hourly rates based on experience and subject difficulty. You can communicate with your tutor via, Wyzant's free browser-based online learning platform.

When it comes to Wyzant vs Varsity tutors, both services work with excellent tutors. The service model you choose depends on your needs. Varsity is useful if you want an affordable tutor that will focus on a student’s learning style. But if you need a highly specialized tutor in a specific academic field, Wyzant may have more options. However, working with a specialized tutor will likely mean you will pay a higher hourly rate for their services.

  • Wyant Prices - Wyzant tutoring prices vary on the tutor you select. Some tutors charge as low as $20 per hour. Check the platform for the tutor that best fits your needs. You only pay for the tutoring hours that you need, and there are no upfront payments or subscriptions.

Bottom Line: Wyzant offers one-to-one tutoring services to students to provide them with more accessibility and convenience. They connect students with tutors who are experts on the subjects they need assistance with.

How To Get The Top Score On Your English Exam

The Day of Your English Exam is Creeping Up. You have learned about what hiring an English tutor can do to help you enhance your skills, but now you’re wondering what you need to know to get the best score on your exam.

  1. First you must understand the Exam Content and Format
  2. Focus On Your Weaknesses and Improve Them
  3. Make A Study Schedule, Do Not Cram For an English Exam it Is a very thorough exam and needs to be prepared for
  4. Prepare With Your English Tutor
  5. Expand on your Vocabulary
  6. Start A Daily English Journal
  7. Practice Speaking English Regularly
  8. Read The Dictionary and The Encyclopedia
  9. Listen to different movies and songs in English
  10. Take A practice test

Eleven Tips and Tricks To Pass An English Exam

  • Create A Study Plan
  • Do Your Homework Or Get Help From A Tutor On Your Homework
  • Practice Pronouncing Words That Are Difficult for You
  • Learn New Spelling Patterns to Increase your Spelling Ability
  • Learn How To Comprehend and Answer Questions
  • Learn New Stock Phrases like “Can You Repeat That Please?” Or “Could You Give Me A Moment To Think”
  • Create A List Of Vocabulary Words You Are Learning
  • Practice the Language by watching TV or Speaking to Friends
  • Talk to friends and family in English 
  • Eat a healthy breakfast in the morning on the day of your test
  • Most important stay calm during the test to maximize your score

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning English Is A Challenging task for anyone. No matter what your background or experience level is, there is always something new to learn in the English language. Especially as you find different opportunities to pursue in life. Learning English as your second language can also be fun. Sometimes the challenges it brings are worth it. Having a good English tutor will provide you with the tools and confidence you need to pass any English exam you have coming up. 

Many parents and students have questions about learning English and the tutoring process.

Parents want to make sure their children receive the best tutoring so they have the confidence to go out into the world with their new English speaking skills.

Taking an English exam can be very scary at times for students. Students can become overwhelmed in the process and have so many questions throughout it. Getting your questions answered is very important and will help put a handle on some feelings of anxiety.

Here are some of the most common questions that students have asked about English tutoring. Take a look at the answers because they could provide you with the assistance you have been looking for.

If, Achieving the perfect score on your SAT and ACT is important to you. Take a look at the questions below to find answers to some of the questions you may have.

What are online English tutoring services?

Online English tutoring services are services that provide people with the skills they need to become proficient in English speaking. These services offer students a chance to brush up on their skills or learn a new language. Hiring an Online tutor can be very convenient and rewards students looking to achieve top scores on their tests.

Who should use online English tutoring services?

Online English tutoring services are for everyone. But usually, students who need to enhance their English speaking skills or going to take a big English use the services. These students can be of any age and looking to receive top scores on their tests.

How much do online English tutoring services cost?

Private tutoring services can be very affordable and offer students flexibility. Some act tutoring services also provide students with learning material to practice independently. Tutoring services range from $20-$175 per hour. Many tutoring providers offer students a free trial or money-back guarantee. 

What should you look for in online English tutoring services? 

When looking for an online tutor, you should make sure that the tutor is qualified to teach you the subject you need help in. Also, look out for reviews; some tutoring platforms have reviews of their tutors to help students choose the best tutors for them

What are the pros of using online English tutoring services?

The pro of using private tutoring for English is accessibility. This is a difficult subject for some students. Having the ability to log online and use a tutoring platform can be really convenient for busy students and parents. It is also a very affordable option for those who are a budget but still want a quality instructor.

What are the cons of using online English tutoring services?

The cons of online English tutoring could be the lack of personalness. Sometimes it can be really nice to have face-to-face instruction. Luckily some online English tutoring providers offer students both virtual tutoring and in-person tutoring. Check online for the best tutoring options available to you.

What should I look for in an online English tutoring provider?

Make sure to look out for qualified instructors and reviews. A lot of tutoring services offer reviews of their tutors, and you want to ensure you find the one that best suits your needs.

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